Simple Greek Goddess Inspired Updo

Halloween is quickly approaching. Haven’t figured out what you should do with your hair yet? Here’s an idea for you – go for a Greek Goddess Updo. If you want to keep it simple and still look like you made an effort for the Halloween Party, this quick and easy hair tutorial is for you.

Either keep the hair in the ponytail or continue on to making a bun for a more elegant look. If you decide to keep the ponytail, go ahead and loosen up the braid for a slightly more relaxed look. You can also pull out some single strands at the front to frame your face. And for an added Greek goddess feel, why not softly curl the strands.

To add some length to the hairstyle, we used 4 pieces of clip in hair extensions at the back of the head. However, the hairstyle can still be achieved without any hair extensions.

For this Greek goddess inspired hairstyle you’ll need: a gold colored hair accessory, a brush, bobby pins, elastic hair bands, hairspray, and clip-in hair extensions (optional).

We hope that we’ve inspired you for the festive time coming up soon. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Let us know and make a comment below.

Wishing you a Happy Monday,

ES Team

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