3 Tips on How to Hydrate Your Hair

It’s important to keep your hair protected and moisturized all year long. But, as winter is approaching, let’s focus on winter hair care today.

Too much exposure to cold weather can strip away the moisture right out of your hair. But not to worry, there are many ways to keep your hair moisturized during this time of year.

Here are our top 3 tips on how to prevent dryness and keep your hair hydrated during this time of year:

  1. Deep Condition. This is a must, especially during this time of year. Conditioners help provide additional hydration to your hair and will keep your hair smooth and silky. We, therefore, recommend deep conditioning your hair twice a week. If you have bleached/highlighted hair you should try conditioning your hair after every wash. If you have fine hair, make sure to choose a lightweight product to help hydrate your hair without weighing it down. And, very important to remember – do not apply conditioner to your scalp.
  2. Keep Your Body Hydrated. Unfortunately, we often forget to drink enough water throughout the day. More than 50% of our bodies are made out of water. It’s therefore important to drink enough water in order to keep your body hydrated. Aim for at least 8 cups of water a day. If you’re exercising, it’s important to drink more. How much more fluid your body needs depends on how much you sweat during your exercise. But, try to aim for approximately 1.5 to 3 more cups of water a day.
  3. Choose Your Accessories Carefully. We love our hair accessories. But, wearing wool accessories and hats on a regular basis may damage your hair as they absorb the natural oils in your hair (leaving your hair dry and brittle) and cause breakage due to friction.

We hope that you’ll find these tips helpful and share them with your friends. As always, we love to hear from you so make sure to leave a comment below.

Wishing you a Hydrated Day,

ES Team

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