How to Wakeup with Perfect Hair

This week we’re letting you know how to wakeup with perfect hair 😉 You will need to do a little bit of touching up here and there, but in general you’ll have pretty much ready to go hair!

So, what’s the secret behind perfect morning hair? It’s all about preparation, like everything else in your beauty routines. The first thing you need to do is to decide what kind of hairstyle you want to wake up with. Do you want to wake up with undone Kate Moss inspired hair or a second day blow dry? Whatever you dream of waking up with, we got you covered.


The kink-like mermaid waves are easily created by braiding your hair the night before. Do a regular 3 strand braid on completely dry hair before you jump into bed. When you wake up, give yourself 10 minutes to complete the look. Gently undo the braid and separate the waves. Use a texturizing balm or spray and separate the waves. Complete the hairstyle by lifting your roots and spraying a bit of dry shampoo and your easy mermaid hairstyle is done!


Are you out for a Rock n Roll, messy Kate Moss hairstyle, then this look is for you. Give your freshly washed hair a blast until it’s about 90 % dry, then simply go to sleep. Now, bare in mind that this type of sleep-styling can result in a pretty wild look. This type of hairstyle works best on naturally straight or thin/fine hair. To finish off the hairstyle, spray a bit of salt spray and ruffle up the hairstyle with your fingers.


We all love the feel of the salon blow-dry bouncy look, but how hard is it to maintain? The secret to rock a second day blow-dry hairstyle is all about reviving the volume and curls. Simply add heated rollers into your locks and leave to set. Apply lots of hairspray to help hold the bounce and curls after you have taken out the rollers. Don’t brush out the locks, just go to bed and get your beauty sleep. When you wake up in the morning, it’s just to brush out the curls and you’re good to go!

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