Weekend Hairstyle Inspirations

Whether you’re going out on a date with your hubby or with your friends, we’ve got you covered! We’re going to make your weekend easier with some quick & easy weekend hairstyles 😉


If you’re heading out but have work before leaving, you have no time whatsoever to get yourself weekend ready. Don’t stress! Braids are literally everywhere right now and take hardly any time to achieve. Our favorite braids at the moment are the loose, on the side, three strand braid and the half up braid. Both are easy to create and look much more complicated than they actually are.


Next, we got ponytails! Ponytails are are easy to to do yourself and can be worn in the daytime and in the evening. So if you’re planning on being out all day and night, then ponytails are the hairstyle for you. We love sleek tight ponytails as much as we love loose voluminous 60’s styles and messy undone ponytails.


Finally we have the top bun! This easy way of wearing your hair is super popular and we can see why. It’s a pretty hairstyle, super versatile which we love. It can be worn for work, parties, dinners and dates, which makes it the perfect hairstyle for the weekend. And you can choose to wear it messy voluminous or sleek and tight. It’s the perfect hairstyle, suitable for all face shapes and can be done in a matter of minutes.

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