How to: Working Out with Hair Extensions

With consumers becoming more health conscious than ever before it’s no wonder people are looking for advice on working out with hair extensions. Hair extensions are an investment that you want to keep looking their best for as long as possible. At first thought, extensions and the gym don’t exactly mix well. Being able to remove your extensions and store them in a hair extension storage bag would be the easiest method. However, with other extension types, this just isn’t possible. There is also nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel sexy while working out. Either way, working out with hair extensions can be done with proper care and upkeep. At Estelle’s Secret, we think you should be able to wear hair extensions no matter how active your lifestyle.


Before heading to the gym, here are a few simple steps you can take. Following them will help to ensure working out with hair extensions doesn’t cause unnecessary damage. Apply a leave-in conditioner to help keep your extensions smooth and tangle-free. Also, if you plan on including swimming as a part of your workout routine, be sure to pack a swim cap in your gym bag. Chlorine can leave your hair extensions dry, discolored and vulnerable to breakage. For those of you that prefer outdoor methods of exercise, be sure to protect your hair extensions from the sun’s harmful UV rays by sporting a hat. 


It’s no surprise that if you plan on getting in a good workout, you gotta break a sweat. Though great for the body, however, sweat can seriously damage the integrity of your hair extensions. When working out with hair extensions you can reduce the amount of damage by keeping them away from your face, neck, and back. Styles like buns or braids are the best options. Additionally, wearing a satin or silk scarf covered with a cotton headband will also help.  The satin will make sure your hair doesn’t frizz up and break off. The cotton will soak the salt and acid from your sweat before it can get trapped in your hair.


Ideally, after your workout, you want to care for your hair extensions using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Washing them will remove any built up sweat and dirt that accumulated during your workout, while the conditioner will bring back the moisture that was lost. For you ladies that enjoy swimming as part of your workout routine, a deep conditioner or oil treatment can help repair damage from the chlorine. This also applies if you participate in outdoor sports and activities that expose your extensions to the sun. If you are unable to do this soon after your workout though, you definitely want to dry up any moisture that as a result of sweat. It may cause your extensions to either slip out or become damaged. Try applying a thermal protectant and using a blow dryer on a cool setting to quickly accomplish this.

Investing in clip-in extensions will make not only working out with extensions easier but life in general. You are able to quickly remove and re-apply them in a matter of minutes. You can also remove them for more comfortable styling, washing, and other maintenance. Estelle’s Secret clip-in hair extensions are 100% Remy Hair, which means they are the highest grade of natural human hair you can get. With cuticles intact and unilateral, your hair extensions are guaranteed silky, soft, and long-lasting. Let Estelle’s Secret Remy clip-in extensions help you look great no matter where life takes you…

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