3 Cute Hair Bow Styles
with 65 Beautiful Examples

I know at first thought, hair bow styles sound like something only a little girl would wear. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Yes, it is a great style for young girls but it can also be worn by anyone who wants to feel a little feminine and girlie. I mean, if Lady Gaga can pull it off, then you can too. This trendy hairstyle is fun, easy, and versatile. Depending on where you put the hair bow, how big or small it is, and the color- can all contribute to how it makes you look and feel. Here are three tutorials to get you started with hair bow styles and dozens of gorgeous examples of how others are taking hair bow styles to the next level. 

3 Cute Hair Bow Styles with Tutorials

Sophisticated Low Hair Bow Style

Image Source: @errrn13

  1. Gather your hair and brush into a low, sleek ponytail.
  2. Separate your ponytail into two sections.
  3. Roll each section with a hot roller from end to the base of the ponytail.
  4. Secure with a hair clip.
  5. Leave the rollers in for approximately 5 minutes and then release the curls.
  6. Brush through your curls and then divide into two sections again.
  7. Tease each section for a messy look and then brush over only the top layer. Leave the hair underneath teased to create volume within the bow.
  8. Secure the ends of each section with an elastic band.
  9. Hold one section up, lining it up horizontally with your head and start to roll it towards the base of the ponytail.
  10. Use hairpins to keep the bow shape in place.
  11. Repeat on the other side.
  12. Hairpin and hairspray your bow all over to keep it stable and in place all day!

Pretty Accent Hair Bow Style

Image Source: Pinterest

  1. Gather two medium-sized sections of hair from the front sides of your head.
  2. Bring the sections together in the middle of the back of your head.
  3. Secure neatly with an elastic band leaving a small loop of hair.
  4. Divide the loop into two side by side, equal sections.
  5. Spread each section out like a fan and use hairpins to hold them in place, creating the bow shape.
  6. Next, take a small section of hair from the ponytail right under the elastic band.
  7. Hide the elastic by looping the hair up, over and through the space behind the elastic band.
  8. Secure the hair bow style with hairpins, brush the remaining hair, and apply hairspray.


The Hair Bow Bun Hairstyle

Image Source: @starstoskulls

  1. Gather your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic band.
  2. Create a messy bun, leaving four to five inches the ends out.
  3. Split the bun horizontally into two equal halves.
  4. Shape the bow and secure using hairpins.
  5. Bring the ends of the ponytail up and over the elastic band.
  6. Tuck the ends and secure using hairpins.
  7. Apply hairspray to keep your hair bow hairstyle looking fresh and stylish all day long!

Hair Bow Hairspiration

Image Source: @hajieul

These platinum blonde supersized bands go perfectly with the hair bow style.

Image Source: @onyxdeville99

This hair bow hairstyle is pretty in pink.

Image Source: @gege9517

Try this french braid leading up to the hair bow bun.

Image Source: @sheresaaz

A hair bow bun with a little messiness is so chic.

Image Source: @taniapola

A curly hair bow bun has so much texture.

Image Source: Pinterest

This pink balayage colored hair makes for a stunning hair bow hairstyle.

Image Source: @snfoto

A photoshoot worthy hair bow bun hairstyle.

Image Source: @n.starck

Reverse double dutch braids into hair bow space buns, who knew?!

Image Source: @the_suitestylist

Braided messy hair bow style.

Image Source: Pinterest

Hot pink, hairpin laced french braids going up into a hair bow bun style? This is everything!

Remember to add your own personal flavor to make these hair bow styles perfect for you.

Image Source: Ruffledblog.com

The low bun hair bow hairstyle is perfect for a wedding hairstyle.

Image Source: Weheartit.com

A huge shiny purple power hair bow bun.

Image Source: Pinterest

Braids and buns, especially hair bow buns are a perfect match, don’t you think?

Image Source: Pinterest

We love this side sitting voluminous hair bow style.

Image Source: Pinterest

A side part brings the hair bow bun to a whole new sexy level!

Image Source: Pinterest

A hair bow accent next to the classic bun, genius.

Image Source: Pinterest

We are living for this sleek, elegant blonde hair bow bun style.

Image Source: Instagram

An adorable baby hair bow style.

Image Source: @sadiejcre8s

Highlights can add dimension to your hair bow bun hairstyle.

A little (or a lot) of color can really step up your hair bow game!

Image Source: @f_e_l_o_h

Cotton candy-inspired hair bow bun style.

Image Source: @hairbyjoel

Try recreating this epic braid wrapped hair how hairstyle.

Image Source: @n.starck

You can’t help but adore this classic hair bow style bun with a fishtail braid.

Image Source: Pinterest

Give these wave-shaped cornrows leading up to a beautiful hair bow hairstyle a try.

Image Source: Pinterest

If you have dark tresses like this, add a side bang to a messy hair bow style for a mysterious do’.

Image Source: Pinterest

A simple side-swept bang makes this hair bow bun classy and pretty.

Image Source: Pinterest

Unicornesque hair bow bun, no words. Amazing!

Image Source: Pinterest

Give your hair bow hairstyle a little flower power.

Image Source:@mimiamassari

These two hair bow accents with two four-strand lace braids is one of the most creative hair bow styles we’ve seen.

Image Source:@hairbymisskellyo

Everything about this hair bow hairstyle is on point!

Image Source:@milabeautykim

Ultra-loose double braids with low hair bow buns.

Image Source: @guy_tang

Pin-up inspired half and half hair bow hairstyle with a lavender hair color is super trendy.

Image Source: Instagram

A voluminous hair bow style with balayage colored soft curls.

Image Source: @mimiamassari

Hair bow bun mohawk hairstyle. 

Image Source: @hairbymisskellyo

Beautiful neon colored hair featuring a hair bow style with soft flowing curls.

Image Source: @sarahanguis

Larger than life hair bow bun hairstyle.

You should have the hang of this cute bow style by now but just in case you need more ideas, keep scrolling for more hair bow epicness!

Image Source: @mimiamassari

A stunning lace rose bun centered in the middle of a hair bow hairstyle would be great for a flower girl.

Image Source:@irrelephantblog

A petite half up hair bow style with beachy waves.

Image Source: @kateelizabeth00

Whispy bangs with a hair bow bun. Finish with some side tendrils for a whimsical look.

Image Source: @guy_tang

This is the hair bow style of all hair bow styles. The neon, the headband, the epicness!

Image Source: @braidsbyjordan

A pretty, simple hair bow style with braid.

Image Source: @twintresses

Another gorgeous half and half hair bow hairstyle, this time with a fishtail braid and twisted sides.

Image Source:@n.starck

A simple low hair bow bun hairstyle.

Image Source: @n.starck

You don’t always have to spread the loops out, you may opt for this type of hair bow style instead.

Image Source:@n.starck

Upside down braid with a voluminous hair bow bun.

Image Source: @braidsnfashion

You may opt for this messy hair bow bun style with curly tendrils falling from it.

Image Source: @cutegirlshairstyles

This cute sock bun with a hair bow on the side is lovely.

Image Source: @soomuchsoul

A beautiful ocean blue hair bow hairstyle.

Image Source: Pinterest

Intricate braided style with a large, voluminous hair bow bun.

Image Source: Pinterest

This fro-inspired hair bow bun has all the natural texture.

Image Source: Pinterest

Double braids with a pretty low hair bow hairstyle.

Image Source: Pinterest

Pastel pink cosplay inspired hair bow hairstyle.

Image Source: Pinterest

Try this elastic band creation leading into a side hair bow style.

Image Source: @mrsaladen

Opt for a hair bow bun style with a headwrap for a laid-back look.

Image Source: @sherrymaldonado

Hair bow hairstyle with a wet look.


Do you have a favorite yet? We can’t decide!

Image Source: @natalielannersmua

Trendy hair bow bun with epic braid crown.

Image Source:@baby.lea

This forest green colored hair bow hairstyle is beyond cool!

Image Source:@jessicavifenda

A neat and sophisticated bow bun hairstyle to give a go.

Image Source:@schoolrunhairmum

Double hair bow buns with a single classic bun.

Image Source: @thehairqueen

A bow bun with the perfect baby hair.

Image Source: Instagram

A lovely bow style for a little girl.

Image Source: Instagram

A hair bow bun is perfect for special occasions.

Image Source: Instagram

…or even the gym!

Image Source: @braids_by_valeriya

Classic ballet bun with a hair bow styled with a cute flower clip.

Image Source: Instagram

This reverse double dutch braid into a hair bow bun is gorgeous with the curled ends.

Image Source: Instagram

These pink braids and hair bow hair are so punk and we love it!

Image Source: @mxz_hmua

Double hair bow buns equal double the fun.

Well, lovelies…if you didn’t realize how versatile and completely easy and gorgeous the hair bow styles were then you definitely know now! Experiment and see what different styles you can come up with. Here at Estelle’s Secret, we are all about giving you the tools you need to express yourself. That means being able to create any style that makes you feel confident. With our luxurious Remy hair extensions, you can accomplish the most basic to head-turning styles your heart desires. Be sure to subscribe and follow us on all our social media to catch the best deals, new products, and stylish hair tutorials!

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