30 Cute Hairstyles For Teen Girls That Are Youthful, Easy and Trendy

Finding cute hairstyles that aren’t too childish but still young and trendy can be sort of a challenge. The teenage years can understandably be a struggle when it comes to expressing your personal style. It’s that frustrating in-between stage of being a young girl and an adult so we get that you want cute hairstyles that are not just refreshing but also quick and easy. We found 30 awesome hairstyles that are a perfect match! 

Cute Hairstyles Like Braids, Ponytails, and Embellishments are a Great Way to Look Edgy AND Classy!

Milk braids and crown braids

Try out an intricate undercut

Pull through braids

Define and highlight with balayage for simple yet cute hairstyles

Gemstone embellishments make a statement

Fauxhawk braid with ponytail

Sizzle with silver hair

Layered curly hair with fringed bangs

Peek-a-boo colors 

Studded double braid pony

Upside down braids with space buns

Side fishtail braid with face-framing pieces

A fringed texturized lob

Unicorn hair

Hairbow hairstyle

Daring Colors, Cuts, and Buns Create Cute Hairstyles You AND Your Parents Will Love!

Bubble braid

Short hair, don’t care!

Braid wrapped sock bun

The modern mullet

Sleek A-line haircut

Beachwaves never get old

The perfect bun

Cute side twist ponytail

Glitter roots for the win!

Crimped hair is back!

Classic french roll

Create intricate designs using bobby pins

Pixie’s are beyond cute hairstyles

Spice up a classic bob with an edgy color

This side rope braid is a super cute hairstyle!

We hope you found some hair-inspo to try out and don’t forget if it’s a style that requires longer or thicker hair than what you have, Estelle’s Secret is here to help! Achieve all your #hairgoals with our quality, human hair clip-in extensions. 

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