Natural Hairstyles vs Extensions: 10 Reasons Extensions Always Win

For many women, rocking natural hairstyles is not an option. They think it’s too fine, not the right color, or may even suffer from hair loss. As women, we have all experienced those times when we just flat out don’t like it! Luckily, hair extensions can save you the headache, time, and money of dealing with trying out natural hairstyles on a daily basis. It’s hard to ignore the many benefits of wearing hair extensions. Clip-in extensions, in particular, are a viable and reliable option for many women. Are you fed up trying to figure out natural hairstyles to do with your hair? If so, check out the following reasons you’re going to love making the transition to hair extensions.


Giving You The Va-Va-Voom

One of the most sought-after benefits of utilizing clip-in hair extensions to create stylish hairdos over natural hairstyles is that it gives you instant fullness and volume. Not all of us are blessed with a head full of hair so they ultimately can give you the texture, look and feel that you desire. Check out our hair tutorials to achieve a multitude of full-bodied styles to create looks you may have never dreamed of with your natural hair.


Achieve Celebrity Styles

Clip-in hair extensions are also very easy to color if you are looking to change up your style a bit. With their easy ability to style and shape, you will be able to pull of the amazing red carpet styles and looks celebrities pay hundred for! These are looks that as natural hairstyles would fall flat, but with extensions, you can color, style, and experiment like never before. Keep up with top trends including daring colors from silver to rose gold, far easier than natural hairstyles


Ability to Look Like Natural Hairstyles

Another huge plus to using clip-hair extensions over natural hairstyles is that when installed correctly, they look just as natural as your natural hairstyles themselves. These extensions can blend in so well that finding the hairstyles that work for you will be a piece of cake. If you are unsure of how to style or make your clip-in extensions look more natural, simply check out our tutorials to learn various ways you can show off your brand new locks.


Damage Control from Natural Hairstyles

Stop damaging your real hair! A lot of the complaints women have with their hair is that it’s too damaged to accomplish the styles they want. Depending on how poorly you treated your hair in the past, there may be quite a bit of damage. This is another reason why clip-in hair extensions are truly so amazing! If you apply them the proper way, they can cause very little to no damage to your natural head of hair. This can give you the freedom to style your hair without worry. You won’t be causing near as much damage as you would having your natural hair exposed. With this freedom, however, comes responsibility. Make sure you follow care instructions when you are working with clip-in hair extensions in your own hair.


Long Lasting

One drawback that many have after going to the salon is that their color, style, or trim, just doesn’t last long enough! When you use hair extensions to accomplish the looks of natural hairstyles, you’ll be shocked at the longevity. With proper installment, and of course, care on your part at home, your clip-in extensions can last many months.


Ultimate Protection

Despite what you may have heard, clip-in hair extensions can actually help your natural hair in terms of growth. Unlike other methods used to apply hair extensions, clip-ins put less strain on your head. They also do not damage the individual hair follicles. This way, you can be sure that your natural hair isn’t taking as much of a damage hit as what you are often thought.


Confidence Boost

Isn’t it amazing how a new hairstyle makes you feel better and can transform your mood?! This is why changing up your style can be good. Clip-in extensions can both boost the quality and fullness of your hair while giving you a boost in self-confidence. You’ll feel better about the way your hair looks and feels. In turn, that confidence will spread to others as well during your daily life.


Every Color Of The Spectrum

The beauty of clip-in extensions is that there is truly no limit to the types of extensions that you can find. No matter what type of hair you have, you can find the extensions that are right for you. You can also take advantage of adding fun color to your hair. Try out highlights and lowlights in your hair without putting harmful chemicals on your natural locks. Go ahead and test out your daring side in a nonpermanent fashion.


Saving A Pretty Penny

Are you trying to decide between going with more permanent extensions or clip-in extensions? If it comes down to the cost, then clip-ins are your best bet. Clip-in extensions tend to be way more affordable and allow you a ton of savings over time. More permanent options can end up costing thousands of dollars. Additionally, they can ultimately be more damaging and painful for you in the end. With clip-in extensions, you can get the fullness you need while keeping more money in your wallet.


Let It Grow

Finally, clip-in hair extensions can also essentially allow your natural hair to continue to grow and strengthen. They cause minimal damage to natural hair with proper use. This is extremely helpful if you are trying to get out of the awkward stage of having a short hair and allowing it to grow out. Clip-in extensions can hide the strange length that is occurring while your natural hair grows.  It will allow you to still feel confident in styling it and going through your day to day activities.


Like so many women, if you’re not happy with your natural head of hair, it may be time to give clip-in hair extensions a try. The benefits far outweigh dealing with natural hair and natural hairstyles. Let Estelle’s Secret show you the hassle-free movement of clip-in hair extensions!


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