65 Updo Hairstyles That Will Complete Your Look Perfectly

Look no further than updo hairstyles for getting back to school! We get that finding stylish yet simple styles can be a hassle at times.  The best way to save time and prevent morning stress is by preparing everything you need the evening before.

So, what can we do when it comes to our hair? Well, we all want a quick and easy hairstyle for those stressful mornings, but for some reason, we always end up spending more time on our hair than we’d planned for.

We suggest making a note of five or more quick and easy updo hairstyles that you can try out and master. This way you’ll avoid big surprises like waking up late, and you won’t be worried about how the hairstyle will turn out. These updo hairstyles will be your go-to hairstyles when getting ready for work, school or any early morning outings for that matter!

Edgy Updos for Hair

A bun mohawk is a trendy yet simple updo hairstyle.


This loose side braid leading into a messy spiral bun is a great updo look for long hair.


A braid in the front takes an otherwise normal messy top knot to the next level.


An intricate mix of twists and mini ponytails is perfect for short haired divas.


The Gibson Tuck using a headscarf.


This plait creates a mini mohawk effect and the tight bun gives it an all around edgy and polished look.


Thumbs up to this upside down french braid leading into a high bun.


There is so much to love about this edgy updo style!


Who said bouffants were out of style? Never!




A swirly, twisted chignon is great for any occasion.


How adorable in the little hairclip?! 


Accomplish this chignon by making a few different sized loose plaits and then put your hair up using hair pins.


Keep it classy with a straight polished low bun updo style.


Chignons are one of the easiest updos for hair of any length.


If you have bangs, simply sweep them to the side and into a pretty bun.


A lovely tucked chignon that can be formal or casual.


The use of hair extensions can help to create fuller hairstyle updos.


Switch up a simple low bun by wrapping hair around the base.


We are seriously in love with this floral, hippy, festival-inspired hair updo!


The color, the twists, the volume….need we say more.




Casual Updo Styles

A classic ballerina Bun with wavy hair.


Add a few side flowers for an exotic vibe to your updo hairstyles.


Leaving out a few side tendrils give this loose bun a soft, feminine look.


The highlights really make this unique low updo style stand out.


Create a high, voluminous bun using hair extensions.


Sometimes the simplest of styles just work!


A low, wavy chignon inspired hairstyle.


Don’t forget about the classic french roll.



Braided Updo Hairstyles

We like the placement of this cute spiral braid, reminds us of a certain animal.


The thick side-swept braid is the centerpiece of this messy hairstyle updo.


We can envision this style at music festivals, prom, or just an everyday look.


A headband braid adds a classy and elegant touch to updo hair styles.


This gorgeous updo is a good choice for any occasion.


Gotta love the crisscross above this low bun style.


You can’t go wrong with this milkmaid inspired updo hair.


Loosen up with this whimsical braided hair updo.


Who says you can’t do an updo with short hair?! This crown braid is simple yet trendy.


Bangs combined with milkmaid braids.


Create some volume and height by teasing the hair at the crown.


A waterfall inspired braid with carefully arranged highlights and lowlights.




Formal Updo Hairstyles

Curls can make any updo look formal. Perfect style for proms, homecomings, or black tie events!


Add a statement hairclip for special occassions.


Low positioned updo hairstyles give the illusion of longer hair.


These big white florals are the perfect accessory for weddings.


A simple but elegant swirl bun is complete with a pretty headpiece.


Hair updos with ringlets give a vintage vibe.


Dress these extra large and loose twists up or down.


Don’t forget to tease and fluff to add volume! 


Take your french roll to the next level with embellishments and volume at the crown.


We love this low updo with loose side-swept bangs.


Whoever created this gorgeous style totally outdid themselves! Updo styles are so versatile!



Half Updo Hairstyles

The classic bow has made a comeback due to its fun, flirty, feminine appeal.


Image Source

How adorable are these twin rose buns?!


A large, simple crown braid is a great casual updo style for school.


This rose bun stands out with the perfectly placed highlights.


Updo your hair with creative colors!


A large waterfall braid is an excellent way to updo long hair.


Half down, half bouffant anyone? 


Space buns will never get old and are a fun twist on the traditional bun.


Make a simple pulled back style unique with unconventional parting and placement.


Bow bun hairstyle with spiral curls.


The highlights on the ends of this long half-up updo hairstyle created a cool separation at the base of the bun.


Words can’t express how bomb this updo hair style is. Game of Thrones inspired perhaps?


A messy hun is all the rage right now. Throw in a braid and it’s a guaranteed head-turner!


A fishtail braid as a headband? We like it!



We hope you enjoyed these go-to updo hairstyles for those stressful mornings. Yes, hair extensions can be used to accomplish many of these trendy styles. But, don’t worry, most can still be achieved without using any hair extensions. However, if you still want to use your clip in hair extensions for these hairstyles, we recommend that you style and prepare your clip-ins the night before to save valuable time.

We hope that this will make your morning slightly smoother.

Have a great back to work or back to school start!

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