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Clip in Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

Finding the right clip in hair extensions for already thick hair isn’t always easy. It’s hard to get natural results when using clip-in hair extensions as the ends are usually thinner and don’t match the thicker hair at the top of the head. For this reason, we’ve developed a clip-in hair extensions set especially for people with thick hair.

Get Your Hair Extensions Set Now!

Our 260 gram clip in hair extensions set is our biggest set and comes in 22 inches. The set is perfect for normal to super thick hair and offers both length and volume. The clip in hair extensions set for thick hair come in 12 pieces, are easy to clip in and covers a full head. The amount of clip in used can be varied depending on the volume you’d like to achieve in order to match the thickness of your hair. So why wait? When you can get the length and volume you desire instantly!

The clip-in hair extensions blend in seamlessly with your hair due to the multi- tone adapting color system. If you’re unsure of which shade to purchase, get Color Matching Help by sending us an email with a picture of your hair to We’d love to help!