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Gudrun Kosloff, professional hair & makeup artist

Los angeles, CA

I had the pleasure working with Estelle’s Secret clip-in hair extensions on a photoshoot for an international fashion campaign. I simply love the texture of the extensions and the color matched the model’s hair perfectly (“16” Bleach Blonde 613). The clip-in extensions are so easy to use and very soft to the touch, you can tell that it’s 100% Remy human hair. The clips are small and hide perfectly under the hair. Best part is that they don’t tug the hair out and they stay put. Estelle’s Secret clip-in hair extensions made the model’s hair look extremely luxurious with a lot of body and natural shine..what’s not to love.


Noemi Russo

Milan, Italy

These are simply the most beautiful hair extensions I can offer my clients. I used to buy top quality hair from a local Italian supplier, but for a much higher price and the extensions were never as thick as the Estelles Secrets. I recommend people to get them online here and then they bring them in to my salon to get them styled and custom cut. It works really great, because the quality of the hair is always the same and the shipping is fast. My clients thank me for being honest, giving them the option to buy quality hair extensions themselves online for a great price. Estelles Secret is not very famous in Italy and I’ve just been lucky to have found them, so I can recommend them to people in my country.


Corinne Chandler

Temecula, California

LOVE your extensions! They do not tangle very much and when they do they are so easy to brush out! They are beautiful and so natural looking my boss is going to be ordering some too! Switching up my hair for summer so ordering a new color since I’ve dyed mine twice already lol!


Mackenzie Reing

Minneapolis, US

These are he best extensions I have ever had! I have been telling everyone about them and all of my co workers plan to order:) thank you for being so helpful!

Great extensions… Great customer support. I won’t buy extensions anywhere else.


Siara Ramos

New York, US

I love love love these hair extensions. I’ve finally found hair extensions that are equivalent to my thick hair. I can’t even tell where my real hair is. Will definitely be posting a picture for you guys. The shipment was fast and I appreciate these amazing hair extensions.


Drienie de Beer

South Africa

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!

I just received my glam set extensions and OH MY WORD!!!! These extensions are the best by far!!! I didn’t expect the extensions to be this beautiful! All my life I had an idea of what my dream hair would look like and these extensions are even better than that!!!! The extensions are a bit expensive in South African standards, BUT for me they are worth every Rand I spent! In this case I really got what I paid for! I will definitely be buying from you again in the future. And I am telling everyone about your company! Thank you
for your excellent customer service and speedy delivery! I am so very very happy!!!

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Analaura Gallardo

Chiapas, Mexico

I’m very happy with the extensions and the company, which has an amazing customer service and replied every single one of my questions and kept a follow up of my request.

The No.6 (chestnut) was really close to my actual hair color, you can’t really see the difference because it blends so well. It came with two extra clips in case you need to change one. I got one in the middle (in a 4 clip weft) that wasn’t working but I didn’t need to change it because the other 3 are perfect.

There’s minimal shedding, the smell right out of the package is not rubbery like other extensions so you can use them immediately if you want, they hold up the curls very well, the amount of hair is perfect not only for volume but also length (which was very important to me because I have shoulder length hair).

This is not the first brand of extensions I’ve used but it’s the one I’m more pleased about (and people noticed the change immediately). I wish I had a blog or something to share a more in depth review but for now this is all. I’m happy 🙂

remy human hair extensions

Ajnur Kocak

Istanbul, Turkey

Very good hair. I am happy with your service also! THANK YOU GREETINGS FROM TURKEY


hair extensions

Isabel Svensson

Ystad, Sweden

Truly the best hair extensions I have tried so far. I have tried so many brands from different webshops and these are the best in Europe, because they look natural and there is no bullshit with the thickness of the hair. I have been so sad so many times when buying really thin hair extensions. I haven’t tried any american brands, but these are truly the best in Europe

thick hair extensions remy hair

Natasha Martin

Louisville, KY

I just want to say how much a wonder product this is! I love it so much…customer care was kind and great to talk to. Thank you so much! I love my hair extensions!!

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Kate Barr

New Mexico, UNM

The best set of extensions I have ever owned. I feel so confident wearing these beautiful extensions. Super thick, well made, and long lasting. Xo


Lucia Pineda

Granada Hills, CA

I love using Estelle’s Secret Clip In extensions. This is my second purchase and this time I bought the 16″ Extensions in color Chocolate Brown. I always longed for long hair. I cannot grow my hair past my shoulders. I bought my first extensions in the 20″ but I felt they were too long for me. The 16″ is subtle and perfect for the length I’m looking for. I requested help to suggest the color to purchase and they have help me make the right decision. I love the texture of the extensions and the color. I am super satisfied with my purchase with Estelle’s Secret every time. Thank you!


Zoey Elliott

Michigan, US

IN LOVE with my Blonde 22″ hair <3 Thank you for such GREAT service. This is my third set from your comapny. Xoxoxo


Melody Le

Florida, US

Loving my longer lock! Thank you Estelles Secret 🙂

hair extensions review

Monica Barzetti

Rome, Italy

very happy thank you! 🙂 my hair is long now :)))

hair extensions review

Araucaria Rosales

Malmoe, Sweden

Dear Estelles,

I just like to thank you very much for your great customer service. The hair color was a total match to my hair and my shoot was awesome, thanks to your wonderful hair extensions! I will send you pictures later 🙂 Have a great week and keep up the fantastic work!

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Chelsae Trujillo

Pueblo, US

I am very pleased with my purchase and wanted to thank you for such great quality.  I will absolutely be purchasing more hair extensions from your website.  Thanks again, i love them!!!


Sarah Cables

Rugby, North Dakota

Almost a year ago, I shaved all my long hair off in supporting my mom who was diagnosed with cancer.
After my hair grew to the point of a pixie cut..I will be honest, I really missed my long hair.
So I went to every salon to see if they could do extensions. Everyone told me no n that my hair was too short.
So I started looking on youtub, for videos ..cuz I knew it had to be I ran across one video a featured a review on “how to put extensions in a pixie cut” and in this video the young lady highly recommend Estelle’s secret
So I took the plunge and ordered..I actually ordered 2 for me..n one for my mom as a surprise
They came super quick ..I live in the US…
The quality is really good, they dye really well, n stay curled.
I clipped them in an everyone at work said they looked amazing and natural n wanted some.

hair extensions review

Samantha Larsson

Hialeah, Florida

Love love love my new hair extensions! The color was perfect and I am so happy I got them before my vacation, thank you so much Eva from the customercare team for helping me with finding the right shade and shipping out fast.

Hair extensions review

Monica Boulos

Madrid, Spain

Very pleased with the hair extensions, super good quality and all my friends want to buy also now hahaha 🙂 thank you for the great service! besos

hair extensions review

Jasmin El-Amin Darzi

Dubai, Emirates

I am so happy with the hair color, it match me perfectly! My husband loved my hair now – Greetings from Dubai


hair extensions review

Kandie Jennell

Cleveland, Ohio

I just received my first extensions from Estelle’s and am really pleased with the quality! I quickly put them into my short fine hair and they look amazing! I still need to color my hair to compliment them, but they are so multitonal that it is not even immediately noticeable! I will definitely buy from Estelle’s again when these need to be replaced!

hair extensions review

Esther Jolki

Reykjavik, Iceland

thank you so much for your awesome service! the color match was totally perfect!

Stephanie Knapp

Spokane, Washington

Just received my Marilyn blonde extensions yesterday and dyed them red with joico vero! So excited about my new hair and loving them already! Please make more hair style videos, I love to watch them :)Kisses

hair extensions review

Nikolina Zamorano

Los Angeles, California

I am so impressed by how fast you shipped them to me. it only took like 2 days and they were here! I love them and get so many compliments

hair extensions review

Aya Ozeki

Gifu, Japan

I got the extensions last week, and they were so soft and shiny and really thick ♥ I colored the roots a bit darker to make them ombre and nothing changed at all! There wasn’t any shedding and the hair is still as shiny as how I got them and they got more voluminous 😀 Best extensions ever!!!

hair extensions review

Angelica Araullo

Wantagh, New York

Okay, so far they are great! 😉 I just got married and wore the hair extension the whole day and my husband loved how I looked, very feminie. Looking forward to use them on my honey moon also… thank you for this good service!

hair extensions review

Bahar Sadr

London, UK

I just got my package and it was so pretty, thanks so much for the little brush that came with it :))))

hair extensions review

Carly Miller

Madrid, Spain

I heard about this extensions brand on a Youtube channel and all I can say about them is that I am really in love with my new Estelle’s Secret Hair Extensions. I ordered them two months ago and after using them a couple of times I can say they are the best. I have the ombre ones and they are my favourite with no doubt. Thank you so much for your lovely service.

hair extensions review

Sarah Jensen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Best hair extensions everrrr! Lovedthem so much, going to get new ones soon in ombre 😉 Kisses

hair extensions review

Felina Cortez

Muskegon, Michigan

These are, by far, the best extensions I have ever had! So worth it!!!