Super Grip Crocodile Hair Clips

-Adjusts & Grips to Any Type of Hair

-Crocodile Teeth designed to Hold Any Hairstyle 

-Keeps Hair Tightly in place with Powerful Springs

-Optional – Reusable Storage Container with Flip-Top Access

-Specs – Length – 4.5″ – Weight – 17g


A strong hold for any hair style…

These Super Grip Crocodile Hair Clips have a powerful grip and will hold a firm in a wide variety of hairstyles. They’re designed to work with ALL hair types from thin to thick. These clips are also a great way to get your hair out of the way if you want to wash your face or shower without getting your hair wet. Put them in your hair, and snap shut- it’s that easy and you can even do it with one hand. 

Women with long hair can pull back long bangs with crocodile clips for a half-up-half-down hairdo. A classic look includes combing several small sections of bangs on the top of the head, securing with a cluster of overlapping crocodile clips. Crocodile clips also add style to a bun. After sweeping hair into a bun, use the clips to secure any strays. 

Some ladies use the crocodile hair clips to help keep their hair secure while wearing rollers. If you would like to curl your hair without using a curling iron, due to the heat that can cause excessive damage to your hair, using rollers and crocodile clips together is a great alternative.

Since these crocodile clips are small, they can stylishly secure short hair, too. Use the clips to pinch back a small chunk of hair near a side part, for an easy, out-of-your-face hairstyle. Or, you can align three or more crocodile clips for a fashionable statement.

Check out our video tutorials for lots of inspiration.

Super Grip Hair Clips Specs

Length – 4.5″

Weight – 17g

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