Super Flex Telephone Wire Pony Tail Holders Hair Ties

-NO Creasing, Hair Breakage, Headaches, Pressure, or Uncomfortable Pulling

-Offers a maximum amount of stretch for even the thickest hair

-Not Easily Broken or Bent out of shape

-Nontoxic and no peculiar smell

-Ideal for sports, swimming, dancing and everyday use

-You can also wear them as bracelets!


A simple solution for any situation…

These Super Flex Telephone Wire Pony Tail Holders are stylish with natural look, coiled twist design, the material is soft and stretchy. Guaranteed strong grip hold, and never tug or damage your hair, gentle on all hair types. You will not feel the headaches, pressure or uncomfortable pulling from your head, no creasing, loose and hair breakage, it is very easy to remove it from your head without stickiness to the hair, also very easy to use, no any training at all.

Well stretchy and better recovered, easy to put in and slip out, not easy to be broken and out of shape, and can help you to keep your hairstyle for a long time. The ties are very portable, you can carry it with cosmetic bag or purse, even your pocket, and use it anywhere and anytime. Fit for all ages, hair type and texture. After you use it many times it gets stretched out, you can put the bands in hot water and it will regain its original shape.

It can match to different styles hair well, straight or curly hair, long or short hair, thick or thin hair, suitable for ponytail, braiding, hairdos and so on. It goes with everything in your closet, from your day-to-day office attire to your evening wear, from your casual workout clothes to jeans and a T-shirt! Ideal for working out, playing sports, swimming, dancing, yoga, running, cycling, or going to the gym, even everyday use, you can also wear them as bracelets. Check out our video tutorials for lots of inspiration.

Super Flex Pony Tail Holder Specs

Diameter – 5cm

Weight – 2.4oz




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