Why Pick Balayage Hair Extensions?

Balayage hair has been around for a while and is the most popular request when it comes to hair color. And we totally get why! The results are stunning.

Balayage hair extensions give you the freedom to try different hairstyles and looks, whenever you feel like it. Just clip in your hair extensions and get instant beautiful Balayage hair! Balayage hair extensions are not only a great way of adding inches and fullness to your hair, but it’s also a way of adding depth and dimension.

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Our Gorgeous Balayage Hair Extensions

With the Estelles Secret Balayage Hair Extensions you’ll achieve a natural looking hair color without having to dye your hair. You can also style your Balayage Hair Extensions various ways using heat styling tools.

All our Balayage Hair Extensions set blend seamlessly with your own hair due to the multi-tone adapting color system used. The best part about these clip ins is that you’ll avoid regrowth lines and regular visits to the salon. This will save you both time and money.