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Estelle’s Secret Angels

Jessica Azevedo

Jessica Azevedo is a makeup and beauty blogger that did a special review just for Estelle’s Secret. These before and after shots show an amazing transformation of volume and fullness. It only took her 5 minutes to look like absolute royalty!

“It literally took me a total 5 minutes to put my extensions in and curl the bottoms of them! It add’s SO much volume and it looks like it’s 10 times longer! Because I love them so much I want to tell every single person that is out there because they are amazing, and why not get the same quality if not better and spend so much less!”

We thank you so much for this review, Jessica! You look amazing and you are truly an Estelle Angel!

Thick From Top to Bottom

I hope this video is helpful for all of you who want/need new extensions! If you would like to see a video on how I put in my extensions or how to style them let me know! =) Thanks for watching!!

Dark Brown (2)

  • 120g - 260g | 16" - 22"


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