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Mikaela Smith

Mikaela Smith is an Instagram and YouTube sensation who loves to share her thoughts on beauty and fashion. Right after she had her new baby she was excited to try a new look and turned to Estelle’s Secret.  We looked at her hair and matched her up with our Sadie’s Blonde 18+60 clip in hair extensions.  Even with very long here these extensions did a great job adding volume to her hair.  Beauty is not just about makeup and hair and clothing even though magazines, and social media will have you believe that. Inner beauty is just as important as what you look like outside. Mikaela gave Estelle’s high marks and said this about our hair extensions: 

“I honestly really love these extensions, they are such great quality! If you are in the market for any hair extensions I would highly recommend these. Of course, this is my opinion! :)”

We think she looks beautiful.  Check her out at www.mikaelajoysmith.com.

Mikaela is rocking it.

Sadies Blonde looks amazing on her. It's the perfect blend of blonde colors that is designed to show a real seamless look. Whether you have long hair or super long hair, Estelles Secret hair extensions are designed to blend with your natural tones. Just watch this video to see what Mikaela thinks about our hair extensions. She makes it seem so easy.

Sadie’s Blonde (18+60)

  • 120g - 260g | 16" - 22"


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