Hair Extensions Storage Bag

-Storage Bag (ONLY).
-Made with Non-Woven Fabrics.
-Save Space to Store Hair Extensions.
-Prevent Dust & Moisture.
-Stores extensions up to 24-Inches in length.

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The best way to store your extensions….

The Estelle’s Secret Zip-Up Storage Bag goes with the Estelle’s Secret Storage & Travel Kit. This is a replacement bag, you can also get a replacement Estelle’s Secret Hanger. It is designed to extend the life of your extensions by storing them for use later or travel. It provides an extra layer protection when you are not using them. It is perfect for traveling and will keep your extensions secure while in transit. The Estelle’s Secret Hair Extension Storage Bag comes with a transparent zip-up storage closet. It can carry hair extensions up to 24 inches long.

The bag is dust and moisture proof and long enough to keep most hair extensions from being curled up. It just gives you that extra added protection to keep your hair extensions safe not only when you travel but also simply just stored in your home.

You can now safely store your hair extensions without worrying about them getting knotted or tangled. It is also great to have when cleaning your extensions. It allows you to quickly air dry or blow dry with ease.  Never ever store your hair extensions while they are still wet. Instead, it’s a good idea to simply hang them up or lay them flat to dry naturally. Store your hair extensions in a dark, dry place if possible. You don’t want to store them in direct sunlight as this can fade the hair.

The Estelle’s Secret Hair Extension Storage Bag is ideal for safely storing your extensions for that special day!

Estelle’s Secret Hair Extensions Storage Bag Specs

Length – 14″ | Width – 26″ | Height – 1″

Weight – 22g

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