Abigail Brown (4+8)

Abigail Brown 4+8 is a beautiful mixed hair extensions color. A Chocolate Brown 4 together with a Light Brown 8 is the perfect match! Made with 100% Remy Human Hair Abigail Brown is double drawn and a triple wefted clip in hair extension.  It is thick from the top to the end.

Available in 3 Beautiful Styles:

Chic: 16″ – 120g – 7 Pieces
Classic: 20″ – 180g – 10 Pieces
Glamorous: 22″ – 260g – 12 Pieces


Mix of Chocolate Brown (4) and Light Brown (8) 

Estelle’s Secret Abigail Brown clip in hair extensions can enhance the length and volume of your hair in a flash. Made from premium quality 100% Remy hair. Mixed blonde hair extension set is available in three size options – 16-inch, 20-inch and 22-inch and provides full head coverage.

A magnificent combination of dark and warm undertoned Chocolate Brown with a contrasting Light Brown. It creates a striking overall look that will flatter almost all complexions. Estelle’s Secret hair extensions use a multi-tone color adapting system. You’ll get a seamless blend, even if your own hair is a slightly different shade than Abigail Brown.

Designed with Style and Love

Crafted by experts, each Abigail Brown Remy hair extension is the highest quality human hair. Selected for its silky soft texture, even thickness from top to tip and ease of maintenance. If you’ve only tried imitation hair before, you’ll be amazed at how different Remy hair extensions are. The hair moves with the breeze instead of being stiff, is smooth to the touch and resists tangling. Another great advantage is that your Estelle’s Secret human hair extensions can be styled with heated tools, including straighteners and curling irons so that you can easily create your desired look. With the correct maintenance and care, your extensions can retain their beauty for a year or even more.

Abigail Brown clip-in extensions will adapt to any hairstyle that you want to create. Feel free to create extravagant curls to team with a romantic, floaty frock for a dreamy summer look. Perhaps you prefer a sleek, straight style to complement that timeless simplicity of a classic little black dress. A practical and elegant daytime look, or you want to try imitating a celebrity up-do for a special occasion. The length and quality of your Estelle’s Secret Remy extensions in Abigail Brown mean that you can incorporate them into whatever style your heart desires!

Estelle’s Secret Clip-in Hair Extensions naturally blend with your own hair. 

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