Extension Paddle Cushion Brush

-Designed for Hair Extensions.

-Soft Cushion with Nylon Loop Bristles.

-Won’t pull hair, easily glides through hair and is Tangle-Free.

-Made by Scalpmaster in the United States.

-Length – 8.5 inches | Width – 1.5 inches | Height – 1.1 inches. Weight – 90g.

The perfect tool for the job…

Our Hair Extension Cushion Paddle Brush won’t pull the hair out of the extension like a normal brush might. It easily glides through hair and is tangle free. It is the perfect brush to use on your Estelle’s Secret Hair Extensions. This extension hair brush is an excellent addon when purchasing hair extensions or all kinds.

Daily Brushing.

Using a hair extensions hairbrush is important as not only does it tame the mid-length to the ends, it also helps to keep the roots and bonds detangled, an important part of your daily care. Daily brushing is very simple. If you have hair extensions that keep tangling together, carry a Hair Extension Cushion Paddle Brush with you at all times. You should always be using a hair extension brush as this will stop the bristles from becoming stuck or disturbing the bonds in any way.

Usable on Wet Hair.

By brushing your hair extensions before showering you are preventing your hair from becoming tangled as you wash it, making it much easier to brush when your hair is wet. Using your hair extension hairbrush, slowly work your way from the tips of the hair up to the roots, slowly detangling as you go. If you try to brush from roots to tips you will be pulling the tangles into your hair, tightening them and making them more difficult to remove, therefore brushing tip to root prevents this, and makes brushing your hair a much gentler process.

Usable when Styling.

To style hair extensions, start at the top and gently work your way down. Brushing or combing in a downward motion. You can use styling products on hair extensions and use the looper brush to mix in the product. 

Extension Paddle Cushion Brush Specs

Length – 8.5″ | Width – 1.5″ | Height – 1.1″

Weight – 90g

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