How to Achieve the Hairstyle and Look You’re Going For

When trying to style your hair, it’s important to start off with the right texture of hair in order to achieve the hairstyle and look you’re going for. The texture of your hair has a huge impact on how your hairstyle will end up looking and how difficult the process of styling your hair will be. It’s, therefore, important to make sure you first have the right hair texture before you start styling your hair.

For a bohemian and romantic hairstyle, we would recommend starting off with loose waves. To get this texture, use a curling wand with a big barrel as this helps create soft loose waves. When it comes to classic, traditional hairstyles or wedding hairstyles, we find it’s better to start off with tight curls. Both loose curls/waves and tight curls work perfectly for various updo hairstyles. And, although the same hairdo, technically, can be done on both textures, the outcome will be noticeably different as they create a different look and feel to the hairstyle.

Textured hair is also great for twist and braid hairstyles as the hair is easier to work with. In addition, textured hair will hold a braid/twist better than straight or freshly washed hair. If you’re trying to master a new braiding technique, we definitely recommend starting off with slightly textured hair.

Pin straight hair or freshly washed hair is hard to work with compared to second day hair. So, unless you’re going for a sleeked back hairstyle, a sleek ponytail or braid, we don’t really recommend starting off with pin straight or freshly washed hair. It will only have you frustrated, especially if you’re trying out a new hairstyle.

To get the specific hairstyle and look you’re going for, a little bit of planning is required. For instance, if you’re planning to do an updo for a special event coming up, you might want to strategically plan in your hair wash day in order to ensure you have the right texture. There are, of course, a few shortcuts that you can take if your hair is freshly washed or just feels extra slippery on a particular styling day. You can add dry shampoo or texturizing spray for added texture, or you can curl or wave your hair using a heat styling tool. Check out how we create soft, loose curls/waves in this step-by-step hair tutorial.

We hope that you find this post helpful. And, if you have any styling tips you’d like to share with us, please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.

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