55 Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Any of Your Plans

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day hairstyles all depend on what you’re going to be doing and who you’re going to be with on this day of love. Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to represent the love of your significant other. It could be the love you have for yourself, your family, or even your best friends. For that reason, we have put together a variety of looks for girls of all ages and for any occasion. So, whether it’s a single ladies night out with your besties, taking your little lady out for a special dinner, or if your hanging at home cooking a special dinner and watching a movie with your boo, we’ve got you covered. Oh, and if it is a romantic dinner with your significant other, don’t worry, we have your back there too!


Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for a Romantic Evening Out


These two simple braids go perfectly with Valentine’s Day makeup for a romantic but not overdone look.


If you’re looking to go dramatic, dark lips and slicked back hair will do the trick.


Try a side braid like this one with some special details for that special night.


This uber-romantic look is accomplished with a large barrel wand and a hairpin to hold one side back.


Look flawless and sexy with a not-too sleek ponytail with a few loose tendrils for a flirty vibe.


Amp-up a simple french braid with face-framing loose strands.


An ultra-loose side braid paired with a pouty lip is the perfect date night match.


Dress up your hair for a special night with a pretty headpiece.


Experiment with different hair colors easily and quickly using clip-in hair extensions. Red anyone?


How adorable, soft, and romantic is this half braided double ponytail look?!


If a fancy restaurant is apart of your Valentines Day plans, an updo with a braid accent is a great option.


Here’s an easy style that is both romantic and casual. 


Adding a pretty floral piece to your hair is gorgeous and effortless.


This hair bling brings the wow factor to simple Valentine’s Day hairstyles like this one.


Did you fall in love with this pretty style like we did?! It is a mesmerizing look for curly haired lovelies.


This milkmaid-inspired hairstyle is so next level! 


Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Young Girls


The pink ribbon accent makes this pretty braided heart stand out even more.


This rope braid heart is simply stunning thanks to the high shine.


If you’re looking to get extra cool points try out this impressive heart-shaped hairstyle.


A heart-shaped bun is cute and fun!


We love how this twisted heart flows into soft and effortless curls.


Super adorable describes this sweet little braid and heart hair duo.


Another braid and heart hairstyle, this time with the braid loosened up for a little more volume.


Unique Valentine’s Day hairstyles like this ethereal braided bow are so sophisticated!


A twisted heart leading into a polished bun is complete with a big pretty pink bow.


Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day hairstyle for your little girl? You can’t go wrong with these adorable braided pigtails.


Half-braided heart ponytails.


Um, how cool is this high ponytail with a cornrowed heart accent? Your little one is sure to love this one!


A perfectly polished sock bun with a heart braid accent.


Bubble heart ponytail.


Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Single Ladies Night Out


Have a fun and carefree night out with these glammed up high buns.


Dance the night away with silky and stylish double dutch braid ponytails.


Keep it simple with the hun hairstyle, leave out a few strands to frame your face and VOILA!


If it’s going to be a wild night, why not go wild with your hair?! This rainbow hairstyle screams wild and free unicorn.


Opt for a whimsical rose bun ponytails with a few large barrel curls to complete the look.


A few beach waves and a messy half pulled back hairstyle is simple yet oh so sexy!


Get this balayage hair coloring easily using clip-in hair extensions. Add a few soft waves for a night out.


A loose side braid is incredibly stylish but keeps the hair at bay for all the dancing you’ll be doing!


Never has a ladies night out hairstyle been as perfect as the modern faux hawk.


Turn heads with a daring Valentine’s Day inspired color! 


Your friends will never know how easy this intricate and chic looking Valentine’s Day hairstyle actually was!


Add a pretty heart accessory for your single ladies night out on Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for an At-Home Movie Night


Keep it cool and casual with fun and youthful double french braids.


Knotted mini fishtail braids.


Try this half updo Valentine’s Day hairstyle using a black ribbon and adding volume to the top of the ponytail.


Take some pointers from Kim Kardashian West with a sleek and edgy high ponytail.


Add a few waves by braiding your hair the night before and taking it out right before your special night.


A smooth and polished knot hairstyle.


A beautiful and full high bun will never fail you!


Secure a tiny but mighty hair bow using a couple of hairpins and hairspray.


Curl your hair or just curl your clip-in hair extensions the night before and clip them in a few minutes before you need them.


If time is of the essence roll with this quick yet sophisticated hairstyle, the classic french roll.


Make a braided bun with a Valentine’s Day-inspired hair tie for an intricate looking hairstyle.


Curl your ends for a bob effect with side-swept bangs.


Valentine’s Day hairstyles can be as simple as adding a trendy hair accessory.


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