Fight Your Frizzy Hair: 19 Must-Try Tips

Fighting frizzy hair can feel like a battle at times. And, just adding products to your hair to reduce the frizz won’t do the trick. Serums can be helpful but fighting the frizz starts way before the styling stage…it starts in the shower.

Without further ado, our top 19 must-try tips to fight against frizzy hair and get a sleek finish to your favorite hairstyles:

A cold water rinse

Before you step out of the shower, quickly rinse your hair in cold water. This seals the hair cuticles making it smoother.

Ditch the towel

It’s not your friend. Avoid keeping your hair wrapped up in a towel while you get ready as this will only cause the hair cuticles to open and frizz up even more. And, no more rubbing your hair dry as this also creates frizz. Instead, squeeze out any excess water and let the hair air-dry a few minutes before blow-drying it.

Dry in sections

Divide your hair into 2-4 sections. Start by holding on to your ends while blow drying the roots before you work your way down to the ends. This stops the hair from flying around and creating more frizz.

Tips to roots

Comb your hair using a wide tooth comb starting at the ends and working your way up. Instead of dragging your comb down through all the tangles creating frizz, you are only combing through detangled hair when you work from the bottom to the top.

Add conditioner

Apply a conditioner or deep conditioner to your hair before stepping into the shower. Disperse it through your hair using a wide-toothed comb and then cover it using a shower cap (not a towel!) until you are ready to rinse. This will leave your hair smoother and shiny!

Don’t wash on rainy days

Stay away from washing your hair on rainy days. Just keep it moisturized using a spray bottle of water and conditioner.

Sleep in Satin

Keep frizzy hair at bay by putting your hair in a loose braid and covering it with a satin scarf before jumping in the sack. You won’t have to worry about rubbing your hair against pillows or sheets while you’re asleep as these are prime candidates for causing frizz.

Toothbrush magic

Use gel and a handy-dandy toothbrush- not the same one you use to brush your teeth- to tame baby hair frizz like a boss.

Smoothing products

Invest in a quality smoothing product to keep in your bag for emergencies. Look for paraben-free and sulfate-free options to prevent long-term damage to your tresses.

Oils for frizzy hair

Hair oils are amazing at taming frizz plus they are incredibly nourishing, hydrating, and smell great! Try using coconut oil, Morrocan oil, or argan oil. Simply run a few drops through your hair using your hands and you’re all set.


Since frizzy hair is the result of being dry, start with good habits and massage your scalp when you’re sitting down, whether at work or watching a movie. This helps blood circulation in your scalp and distributes the natural oils that help keep your hair from drying out. 

Healthy habits

This tip goes along with the last one in the sense that maintaining healthy habits will combat frizz from the start. Since your hair is made up of protein (keratin) and water, drinking plenty of water and eating protein-rich foods is crucial to having a healthy head of hair.

Using products

Apply any hair products while your hair is still damp. If you wait until your hair is bone dry, the more likely it is to get the frizzies. 

Updos are your friend

It goes without saying that the more friction your hair is exposed to the frizzier it will be. So, updo’s are often your best friend since it won’t be rubbing against your back, getting caught in jewelry, or other daily elements. Also, refrain from constantly running your fingers through your hair or flipping it.

Natural oils

Wash your hair less often to allow it’s natural oils to work its magic instead of stripping the oils constantly by washing too often. Invest in a quality dry shampoo for those days in between washes that your hair needs a refresher.


Stay away from yucky chemicals like alcohol and sulfate that strip moisture from your hair.

Heat=Frizzy Hair

Keep heating tools to a minimum. As your probably aware, too much heat is bad for your hair but also remember that a high heat setting is just as damaging. Use a lower setting like 365 degrees F to reduce the chances of frizz and frying your hair.


Use a diffuser, ‘nough said. Just kidding, diffusers are great because they don’t blow your hair all over the place like the regular blowdryer.

The right tool 

Are you using the right brush? If you’re serious about taming your frizzy hair then you need to be using a boar bristle brush instead of a pin brush. Because it helps distribute your hairs natural oils effectively, it will leave your locks smooth, shiny, and reduce breakage.

Make sure to try these tips and let us know which works best for you. And, if you have any tips you’d like to share on how you tame your frizz, please comment below.

Wishing you a Frizz-Free Day,

ES Team


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