How to brush your hair the right way

Here is the big scoop. Oiling, shampooing and conditioning sounds like a complete hair-care regimen, but it misses out a very important part – brushing. The way you brush your hair can make a significant difference to the hair health. While everyone recommends brushing hair a 100 times a day as that improves circulation, doing it with the wrong brush would cause more damage than benefits. This is why it’s important to concentrate on not only how much you brush your hair, but also how and when you do it, and with what brush you do it.

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WHEN to brush your hair:

Combing your hair with a fine-toothed comb when wet is a recipe for disaster. Ideally, when you’ve just washed your hair, just press a towel onto it until it’s not dripping anymore. When your hair is damp, run a wide-toothed comb through the ends, and then go a little upwards with each stroke until the whole length is untangled. Wait for it to dry out completely before using a paddle brush to brush your hair thoroughly

HOW to brush your hair:

Gently! That’s the only way, really. Don’t be impatient with knots and run the comb right through them. Besides causing breakage, they will leave split ends that give your hair a damaged look. Carefully untangle stubborn knots with your hands instead of brushing them away.

HOW MUCH to brush your hair:

Twice a day is perfect. Before heading out for the day, just brush enough to untangle and style your hair. Before bedtime, run your brush gently on your scalp for about a 100 strokes. You need not run the brush through the whole length. Besides resulting in better circulation, it will also serve as a relaxing head massage and you’ll sleep better!

WITH WHAT to brush your hair:

How to choose the right hair brush is probably not a question you’ve dwelled much upon, and picked up the prettiest one you saw at the general store. The upside of this is you can see a great improvement in your hair health by just picking the right hair brush. The best hair brush is definitely the cushioned paddle brush with nylon bristles – it is your safest bet. It is least damaging, stimulates blood circulation, and spreads the natural oils from the scalp through the hair giving it a healthy shine.

While the paddle brush can also be used for a basic blow dry, you might want to look for the vent brush variety of paddle brushes. Boar bristle brushes are good to use for blow drying if you want a straight look. However, if you want to style your hair or add volume, use a round hair brush, the size of the barrel should be proportional to your hair length and the kind of curl you want. Smaller the barrel, tighter will be the curl.

Armed with these tips on hair brushing, we’re sure your hair will be even more beautiful now. Which brush does the trick for you? Share your preference in our comments section!

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