How to clip in thin hair

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Today’s hair tutorial:

Clip in Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

We offer gorgeous and voluminous, yet natural looking hair extensions that blend in seamlessly with your hair. You can choose from 3 different variations of packages:

1. 120g – 16 inches ( featured in this video ) $139.99 Use CODE: INSTAGRAMLOVE to get $10 off

2. 180g – 20 inches $179.99 Use CODE: INSTAGRAMLOVE to get $10 off

3. 260g – 22 inches $249.99 Use CODE: INSTAGRAMLOVE to get $10 off

About the package featured in this video:

The Chic 16 inch set is perfect for thin hair, short hair, or if you’re just looking for more volume. The 120 gram Estelles Secret clip-in hair extensions is the smallest set that we offer and it gives you that extra volume you’ve always dreamed of. It comes in a 7-piece package that is incredibly easy to apply and has been specially designed to cover your entire head. So Why Wait for Your Dream Hair? Get Fuller, Longer Hair Instantly!

Thanks to the multi-tone adapting color system the extensions blend seamlessly even if your own hair shade is slightly different. If you’re still unsure of which shade to get, get Color Matching Help by sending us an email with a picture of your hair to [email protected]

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