6 Trending Hair Accessories to “Fall” In Love With

We here at Estelle’s Secret know that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory, but these six trending hair accessories can add some much-needed flair for all the holiday events coming up. Usually, it’s the hair that people focus on when checking celebrity styles and red carpet trends but every now and again hair accessories get the attention they deserve. Check out these six comeback trends you’ll be seeing in stores and on the runways this fall.

Large and In Charge Headbands

Headbands are usually thought of as a hair accessory for young school girls but times have definitely changed! Bedazzled, jeweled, and blinged out headbands have been all the rage on the red carpets. Designers are getting more creative and innovative and you can pretty much find a headband for any look- daring, feminine, or even punk.

Heavy Metal

Metallics aren’t just a fashion trend this fall, they are also a hair accessory trend. They are literally pieces of jewelry for your hair, statement pieces to be exact. Golds, silvers, bronzes, and coppers, you’re sure to see plenty metallics adorning people’s head this fall. It definitely adds a bit of class to any outfit, do you agree?

Bobby Pins for the Win

Bobby pins are your hair’s best friend, they do so much for us. Holding down those flyaways, sculpting cute styles, and hiding our less than flattering split ends. But with any best friend, honesty is a crucial part of the relationship and we hate to say it but bobby pins can be really boring. However, bobby pins are getting a style upgrade! They are the must-have hair accessory this fall, and for good reason. Yes, you’re going to see bobby pins with embellishments on them but also you’ll be seeing regular bobby pins being used as decoration, forming different patterns, and creative designs.

Ribbons & Bows

If you need something to tie your hair up this fall, look no further than a pretty ribbon or bow, particularly in black. Oh, and the bigger… the better. These bold black ribbons can tie any outfit together and add a little femininity. Along with bobby pins, the black ribbon is definitely at the top of the list of trending hair accessories. From Tory Burch, Marchesa, and Emily Wickstead, the black ribbon whether satin or velvet has made its mark and it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. So, go ahead and stock up and if you aren’t great at making bows, no problem, the floppier it is, the more chic!

Autumn Inspired Combs

Are you ready for colorful leaves, bonfires, and pumpkin spice lattes? All of these things literally scream fall, but this year so does autumn inspired hair combs. This means decorative branch, bird, and leaf-shaped combs you can stick in your hair to spice up any look without overdoing it. They look stunning in buns, braided styles, up-dos and more. An added benefit is that help keep hairstyles in place and looking sleek. Simple and stylish!

Hats off to Hats

You’re probably going to need a hat at some point during the fall so why not get one that is on the list of trending hair accessories. A fashion-forward fall appropriate hat is sure to make a serious hair and fashion statement that won’t soon be forgotten. Fedoras, beanies, berets, the choices are endless. The best part is you can take it off or if you’re having a bad hair day, keep it on. Pair it with a matching scarf for additional cool points.

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