60 Curly Hairstyles and Cuts That Will Never Go Out of Style

Finding curly hairstyles that are stylish and manageable may seem few and far between but it doesn’t have to be that way! There are tons of curly hairstyles and curly haircuts that will have you loving your locks and discovering new, exciting ways to style them. For many of you curly haired divas, you have a sort of love-hate relationship with your natural curls. Instead of shunning your volume, learn to embrace them. If you don’t have naturally curly hair, don’t sweat it! You can use hair extensions or curling wands to try these curly hair ideas for a fresh, new look. Check out these 60 curlicious styles for some curly hair inspiration.

Who Runs The World? Curls!


A great curly hair idea is to twist your hair and wrap the twist around itself. Secure it with some hairpins and voila!






This gorgeous curly hairstyle is giving us life!







Sock buns whether up high or down low are great curly hair ideas.







Lower ponytail with a curly side style.







Adding a floral headpiece to your hair is a great curly hair idea for special occasions.







A disheveled silvery blonde curly bob.







Create a really pretty updo by styling a french twist with a few strands falling loose.







Headband Rope Braid.







This curly updo featuring unicorn pastels captures edgy romance perfectly.







The birdnest bob will forever reign as a curly hair go-to style.







Embrace your inner lioness with long layered curls that frame the face. 







Natural curly hair can easily get away with a cool bedhead vibe like this one.







Try the functional and classic pineapple ponytail like RhiRhi!







Having hair with curls gives updo’s a ton of texture and personality.







There are different sized tools used to curl hair. Try a medium barrel for this style and finger comb it out a bit.







Sorry, I Can’t Hear You Over the Volume of My Curly Hairstyles!


Curly hair with a side braid is cute and flattering.







Eva Longoria glams up with old Hollywood curly hair.







This curly fauxhawk is giving us serious curly hair inspiration.







How chic is this short curly do’ with thin, straight, side-swept bangs?!







Why not give this curly half-up twisted ponytail a try?







A curly puff with little flower embellishments? Yasss!







You can’t go wrong with a simple yet effective curly bun.







Tori Kelly often rocks her natural curls in a side flipped hairstyle.







Adorable curly hair inspiration courtesy of Annie!







Curls add glamour, definition, and loads of volume to fine hair. 







Victoria’s Secret model Alanna Arrington even rocks her curly haircuts on the runway. 







Alicia always brings the fire with her bold, naturally curly hairstyles.








Hair with curls makes braided styles like this side twisted bubble braid come to life.







This side-flipped voluminous mane is giving us serious Lorde vibes.







Opt for defined curls by using an overhead air dryer and diffuser on the roots.







I’m a Queen Crowned in my Curls…


A braid leading into a simple low bun is a classic hairstyle for curly hair.







This curly hairstyle has a perfect balance of highlights and lowlights.







These curly space buns are everything and no one wears it better than hair goddess Janelle Monae.






These beautiful, soft tresses are total curly hair goals.







Use a large barrel curling wand and then brush out to get soft flowy curls like this.







A curly hair tip is to allow a few random ringlets to hang loose for a dreamy take on a high bun.







Half-up half-down curly hairstyles featuring double fishtail braids are everything!







A side braid is a pretty hairstyle idea for hair with curls.







Curly haircuts like this one with blunt cut bangs are very modern and trendy.







Don’t let curly hair problems keep you from experimenting with color and styles.














Go wild with a thick luscious mane like latest music sensation SZA.







If you curl hair away from the face it allows you to show off your features more.







We can’t even begin to express how awesome these curly buns with cool braid designs are!







Check out this edgy curly haircut idea.







These strategically placed highlights take Chrissy Tiegens curly hair to new heights!







A shaggy, curly bob (would that be a cob?) is fun and unique for hair with curls.







Them: “Excuse Me, Your Hair is Blocking My View.”

You: “Honey…My Hair IS the View!”


Look whimsical and innocent with super long spiral curls.







Ribbons of glorious curls.







If you can curl hair well, it’s easy to transform a pixie cut into a completely new look.







Does this gorgeous balayage do’ give you curly hair inspiration or what?!







A cute curl and bouffant combo, a great curly hair idea for special occasions.







Huns are great curly hair ideas for a quick but stylish on the run hairstyle.







Wear a shag with curly hairstyles for a fun, hipster look.







Achieve these curl-licious locks with the help of flexi rods. 







Thanks to the flowy curls this ponytail is SO next level!







Maybe retro curls like the ones Emma Stone opted for on Oscar night is more of your thing.







For an extra feminine and flirty look, bangs go great with curly hairstyles.







This half-up high ponytail style can be accomplished quickly using clip-in hair extensions.







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Take it back to the 50’s with this classy and glam curled pony.







Estelle’s Secret can help you accomplish the most daring and stylish curly hairstyles with our top quality human hair extensions!

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