Hairstyles for Long Hair: 80 Tips for Keeping It Long, Healthy, and Beautiful

The best hairstyles for long hair are those that won’t compromise the health of your hair. We know that is a lot easier said then done but with these tips, you can keep it looking and feeling its best. Before reading on, remember that the number one step in caring for long hair is knowing your hair. Know your hair type, understand your hair texture, and what its individual needs- no one has exactly the same hair. A great way of finding out all this is by consulting a professional that can help start you on an effective hair care routine. Just like any other part of your body, your hair needs lots of love, pampering, and patience. Implementing the tips below will help you achieve your hair goals and keep all your favorite hairstyles for long hair looking flawless.

Hair Care & Health

Don’t stress out, it affects the entire body

Use sulfate-free products

Add nutrition back into your hair by deep conditioning one or two times a week

Wash your hair regularly but not every day, two to three times will suffice

Calm down on the dry shampoo

Try herbal and natural DIY hair treatments 

Add Vitamin E to your hair care routine

Be aware of what ingredients are in your products

Invest in modern heating tools that work faster and more effectively causing less damage

Concentrate on the scalp, roots, and nape when shampooing

Try to stick with the same brand of shampoo and conditioner

Get your full 8 hours of beauty sleep

Rinse your hair using cool water for shine and strength

Avoid heat as much as possible when contemplating hairstyles for long hair

After a swim, wash your hair with a mild shampoo to remove saltwater, chlorine and/or pollutants.

Stay away from harsh chemicals such as sulfate

Air dry your hair when possible instead of using a blowdryer

Use a clarifying shampoo once a month

Pat your hair dry a bit before applying conditioner

Drink LOTS of water

Don’t use an unnecessary amount of products

Treat your hair twice a week to oil treatments using light oils like coconut oil, olive oil, or almond oil

Eat hair healthy foods like protein-rich foods, leafy greens, nuts, and citrus fruits.

Protect your hair from UV rays and pollution with a cute hat

Exercise regularly for increased circulation and overall health

Length Retention

Massage your scalp frequently throughout the day

Don’t rub with a towel, pat dry instead

Take gelatin supplements

Use a wide-toothed comb to distribute shampoo and conditioner instead of hands

Join the bonnet community

Dry your hair using an old t-shirt or hair scarf instead of a frizz-causing towel

Trim about 1/4th an inch of your hair every 6 to 8 weeks

Use a broad toothed comb

Eat hair-growing foods like coconut, dried fruits, and protein

Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Use hair bands like scrunchies or coils that don’t pull at your roots

Brush from the ends up so you aren’t pulling tangles thru the entire length of your hair

Promote hair growth with the B vitamin biotin

Avoid brushing while wet, combing with a wide tooth comb is better

Braids are the perfect hairstyles for long hair before bedtime since they help avoid tangles

Give attention to split ends immediately


Add mousse to increase volume leading to a longer appearance

Blow-dry with your head down and concentrate on the roots

Messy buns are always great hairstyles for long hair. They not only look great but keep your hair up and out of the way

Always use a clean comb free of old product buildup, dirt, sweat, etc.

Start with face-framing layers at your cheekbones to thin a round face or chin to soften a square jaw

Take the old-school approach and use foam rollers to curl your hair

Side bangs add extra volume and height

Go for loose and messy ponytails that won’t tug on your edges

Curl just the ends of your hair and tousle them for natural looking body

Don’t tease too often because it can cause breakage

Long layers in the front give you the illusion of length

Use a low-setting when using a blowdryer and point downward

Don’t get stuck into one look with your hair

Use a toothbrush to tease, volumize, lay down flyaways and baby hair.

Brush using a boar bristle or wet brush

Use ribbons for a soft, flirty, feminine look while functioning as a way to manage your hair

Use a heat protectant before using heating tools to cause the least amount of damage

Get quick waves by flat ironing your braids

Opt for balayage so your highlights look more natural as they grow out

Wear loose up-dos, keeping hair off back and shoulders where it gets exposed to friction

Add waves or curls to amp up the body

Add bangs but don’t make them too thick or too wide

Easily tame unexpected frizz using hand lotion

Braid your hair before bed and have super curly hair when you wake up

Use the concentrator on your blowdryer to keep it a safe distance from the hair 

When growing your hair out, keep your ends lighter

Always get a dry cut on long, wild, curly textured hair

Add a dose of shine to your long tresses by pouring a shot of vodka throughout your hair after washing it

Get your ends trimmed after color services to help maintain hair health and improve texture

Comb hair out in sections, therefore, making it easier to manage

Your ends should come to a gradual point in the middle of your back

Use a dry conditioner over your hair focusing on your ends to make them shiny and soft rather than your crown

The perfect place to part your hair on the side is to in-line with the middle of your eye

Use clip-in hair extensions for a quick style change

For a fresh take on the long ponytail, break it up with hairbands and pull each part out in the midsection

Almost all hairstyles for long hair should include face-framing layers for balance

Experiment with different types of braids

Make your ponytails appear fuller by making two separate ponytails and bringing them together

Brush your hair twice a day from bottom to top

Besides caring for your hair, there are certain hairstyles for long hair that are recommended to keep it from looking flat and/or dull. Some are listed above but we encourage you to subscribe to be notified of all our latest tips, tricks, and tutorials!

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