80 Wedding Hairstyles That Will Make You Feel Like A Princess!

It’s true! There are a plethora of wedding hairstyles to choose from all over the Internet and frankly, it can be overwhelming. That is why we have selected the most unique, breathtaking styles, so you can cross one more thing off the long list of to-dos. Broken up into sections, Estelle’s Secret makes choosing the wedding hairstyle of your dreams easy. Our wedding hairstyle ideas, hairstyle tutorials, and our impressive selection of wedding hair extensions will cover everything you need for your big day. 

Glorious Loose Wedding Hairstyles

Loose fingerwaves are a great way to create a dreamy vintage style.

Tight spiral curls with a beautiful floral arrangement mid-length.

Elegant, flowy face-framing soft curls with a sparkly embellishment.

Go vintage with this old Hollywood glam wedding hairstyle.

We love the color and positioning of this ethereal hairpiece.

Wedding hairstyles can also look elegant and sexy with straight hair.

These side-swept barrel curls are so adorable and chic.

Loose, defined curls with a flower crown is so beautiful and bohemian.

The middle part and slicked down sides are giving us retro-glam, Lana Del Rey vibes.

Achieve goddess-like wedding hairstyles like this with quality clip-in extensions.

A pretty hair accessory can turn an ordinary hairstyle into wedding magic.

Sometimes a lovely flower crown is all you need!

You have to love the sleekness of this look while still soft and feminine.

Deep waves are a fantastic way to add texture to your wedding hairstyles.

Delicate waves with one side pushed behind the ear is simple and beautiful.

Buttery soft loose curls like these are a great choice when it comes to wedding hairstyles.

Bohemian-inspired wedding hairstyle.

Pretty Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles

Add volume and definition to a ponytail with intricate curls and volumized crown. Complete the look with wispy tendrils and a pretty headband.

This three-sectioned ponytail is simple yet gorgeous.

Sparkly headchains add glamour and elegance to any wedding hairstyles.

This wedding hairstyle is giving serious hair goals from the bride leading into the curly ponytail to the loose tendrils at the front.


Try a mid-level ponytail to add a little youth and fun to your hairstyle.

We are in love with this eclectic headpiece by leletny.

Dress up a simple high ponytail with an intricate necklace or hair embellishment.

You can’t go wrong with a slanted double dutch braid leading into a simple ponytail. Add pretty hairpins or flowers to dress it up on the big day.

The bouffant, braid, and bouncy curls make this a beautiful wedding hair idea.

If you need wedding hair ideas why not opt for a classy retro style? 

A low, loose spiral ponytail with lift in the center.

Hair extensions for weddings are a necessity to accomplish voluminous styles like this.

Though this side-swept ponytail can be rocked for any occasion, it is a great wedding hairstyle example.

Heavenly Half-Up and Partial Hairstyles

Waterfall twist on highlighted wavy hair is full of texture and depth.


How gorgeous is this half-up twisted wedding hairstyle?!

This petite double braided head wrap is straight out of a fairytale.

A simple twisted style away from the face is pretty and uber easy.

Try this ethereal looks with a large milkmaid braid and ample floral decor.

Everything about this wedding hairstyle is on point- the pompadour, the baby’s breath, and the barely-there waves.

The highlights take this voluminous half up ponytail hairstyle to the next level.

A beautiful crown braid with a pretty floral trinket is classic and has total goddess vibes.

This Game of Thrones-esque wedding hairstyle is unique and modern.

If you add some elegant hair pieces or flowers this boho crimped hairstyle would make a gorgeous modern wedding style.

Breathtaking half-up styles like this may need the help of wedding hair extensions.

Beautiful Bun and Updo Wedding Hairstyles

A multi-layered low updo is elegant and intricate.

These swirly, sultry tresses made for the perfect chignon.

Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe this dreamy bun brought to life with a pretty hairpiece.

You can never go wrong with a sleek, romantic bun featuring some floral bling.

A low rolled bun is complimented by whimsical florals, add volume by slightly teasing the top.

Bring a bun or chignon to the side to switch it up a bit.

This waterfall double-dutch braid into a messy bun is the epitome of elegance and grace.

This curls-galore updo is casual, stylish, and unique.

Sometimes a soft, feminine top bun is all you need.

A combination of braids and rosettes bring romance to various wedding hairstyles.

These large and in charge floral pieces are immensely dreamy and whimsical.

We adore how this lovely bride bejeweled her chignon.

An ultra-loose updo with voluminous side-swept curls are sultry and stylish.

The side bun, deep side part, and twisted back tresses, its all so…fetch!

A classic side-swept bun with a touch of old Hollywood glam.

Regal and elegant describe this fanned out bun style.

A messy, loose ballerina bun with an oversized flower accessory, side-swept bangs and loose face-framing tendrils.

Breathtaking Braided Buns

Dress up your ballerina bun with a pretty braid and blunt cut bangs.

Draped twists brought into a lower loose bun creates tons of elegant volume.

A polished and romantic sock bun with a sparkly headband.

With a gorgeous texture like this, a simple messy low bun will do just lovely.

Braided away from the face, secured into a low bun and dressed in pretty white petals.

The most perfect and polished milkmaid braid.

Romantic Braided Wedding Hairstyles

Create amazing texture with a long curly messy braid.

A loose fishtail side braid with volume at the crown is gorgeous with or without embellishments.

Look like a goddess with a loose braid going across the forehead and a long loose braid coming down the side.

This relaxed fishtail braid features rosettes and a floral extravaganza!

How cool and ethereal is the braid wrapped ponytail?!

This messy fishtail braid starts mid-length and is draped with a romantic vintage hairpiece.

This goldilocks inspired do’ features a double dutch braid leading into a messy french braid and we love it!

A gorgeous braid featuring low lights and a sparkly embellishment to mark each magical section.

Instead of straight down, a loose side braid adds a little something different.

How gorgeous is this floral infused messy braid?! Flowers are perfect for spring wedding hairstyles.

Check out this ribbon intwined braid! 

Another ravishing take on a braided style with flower power.

By starting right at the forehead and framing the face, this fishtail braid looks much more elegant.

Turn heads with elegant braided wedding hairstyles like this one.

Add lift and length to the front by flipping your bangs up and to the side.

This wedding hairstyle is romantic and total #weddinghairgoals.

If you need hair extensions for your wedding,  you can depend on Estelle’s Secret for the highest quality clip-in extensions to make your special day complete.

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